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Smart Scheduling Made for Retail.
Scheduling your team has never been easier, faster, or more intelligent.


How it works?

Schedule Builder

Create next week’s schedule in minutes.

Automate Scheduling Decisions

Make smarter schedules, faster. Auto-populate work schedules with just one click. Within seconds, millions of complex schedule combinations are assessed against your labor strategy. This places the right people, in the right role, at the right time, every time.

Visual Shift Designer

Replace manual processes and spreadsheets with Shiftlab’s rule-based data parameters and algorithms. A drag and drop visual shift designer lets you configure shifts and assess the impact on cost and productivity in real-time.

Increase Productivity

Let Shiftlab align your business performance goals and sales targets with your labor strategy to put you in a position to crush your targets. Shiftlab’s performance-driven algorithms enable strategic scheduling, optimizing labor spend and productivity against business performance.

Reporting and Analytics

Deep insights. Better decisions.

Leadership Dashboards

Shiftlab’s built-in team views share critical labor data, key decision criteria, and performance indicators, that allow all levels of an organization to assess the effectiveness of scheduling decisions.

Scheduling Driven by Data

Shiftlab’s predictive analytics visualize KPI insights to drive scheduling optimization and hold teams accountable to labor strategies.

Workforce Analytics

Historical views track what worked and what didn’t, bringing transparency to labor strategies while identifying opportunities for improvement.

Mobile App Deep insights. Better decisions.

Empower employees

With a schedule readily accessible on their smartphone, employees know where they need to be and when they need to be there.

Keep your team in sync

Retail employees can use our mobile app to not only see when and where they work but also who they are working with for any given shift.

Labor Budgeting

Hit Your Labor Targets Every Week.

Create Alignment

Our auto-budgeting feature enables you to align and unify your sales forecasts, labor plans, and budgets.

Recruitment Planning

Use the budgeting tool to determine long-term staffing requirements to help with recruitment planning.

Better Forecasts

Combine multiple metrics/tasks and the time each of them takes into a single forecast for scheduling to a new metric, called “Time Needed”.

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