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The Scheduling Platform your whole business will love.

Shiftlab is a leading Performance-Based WFM platform that enables retailers to schedule strategically while enhancing the employee and customer experiences.

Empower Managers

Retail managers are juggling more responsibilities than ever. Shiftlab's Automated Scheduling improves the manager experience by saving them time, helping to control costs, minimizing compliance risk, and providing insights to manage stores more effectively.

Enhance the Employee Experience

Scheduling has a direct impact on your employee’s work experience. Shiftlab’s mobile app gives employees greater input into and control over their own work experience with the ability to easily view their schedule and request changes on the go.

Enlighten Retail Leaders

Stay in the know. Advanced algorithms and an intuitive performance dashboard give leadership teams a direct view of your labor strategy’s impact on sales.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Shiftlab produces schedules that are >97% accurate so that you’ll have the right coverage at all times. We also place your top performers in top shifts to ensure a great customer experience!

4,000+ locations and 20,000+ retail leaders and employees in North America are scheduling smarter with Shiftlab.

David Kendra, VP of Sales Operations, Blue Link Wireless We’re a fast-growing organization and labor is a key area of focus for us. Shiftlab’s vision is directly aligned with ours when it comes to workforce management. From automating schedules to helping us regulate California labor laws, Shiftlab is now our go-to system for optimizing our workforce.”

Skyler Cozbey, Optimal/Optimum Wireless "Our decision to partner with Shiftlab was a no-brainer as a fast growing business. One of the biggest challenges we faced was keeping up with the front line labor force and their ever changing needs. Shiftlab has been a critical tool to our success since adopting the program early this year"

Les Bailey, Mobile Destination "Shiftlab makes us think differently about scheduling"

Our Clients Have Seen

Increase in Profitability Per Employee
Reduction in Downtime
Increase in NPS

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