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Boost Profitability


Increase in Profitability per Employee

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Optimize Labor


Decrease in Labor Costs


Elevate Employee & Guest Experience


Increase in Guest Satisfaction Scores

More than a scheduling tool.
A complete retail performance platform.

  • Schedule
  • Monitor Performance
  • Track Time
  • Forecast

Automated, Performance-Based Scheduling

Create schedules optimized for both employees and guests, all with a single click. By combining real-time Point of Sale and Time & Attendance data, Shiftlab schedules your reps at ideal times to maximize your ROI.

  • Get more time back for your managers
  • Easily track and stay on budget
  • Stay compliant with labor laws

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Pulse Dashboard

Empower your field team with access to real-time information to be proactive on key trends, like:

  • Stores Opening on Time
  • Overtime Trends
  • Productivity Alerts
  • Shift Compliance

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Smart Time Clock

Keep track of your teams’ time and attendance, save on labor and streamline payroll with our smart timeclock solution.

  • Auto-Punch Corrections
  • Early Clock-In Prevention
  • Biometric Integration

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Shiftlab’s AI-driven forecasting engine uses historical sales data, recent trends and event effects to accurately predict the labor demand for each location down to the hour.

  • Achieve schedule accuracy of & >98%
  • Increase profitability per hour
  • Boost guest experience scores

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A retail platform your whole team will love...

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Improve operating efficiency

Create smart schedules with one click, proactively manage compliance, reduce prep needed for payroll, and track performance with real-time dashboards.

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Drive profitability

Get the data and insights you need to make the best team and operating decisions. Hit your labor targets with strategic scheduling, optimal labor tracking, and real-time reporting.

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Give managers their time back

Spend more time creating great guest experiences. Automated scheduling, easier time tracking and real-time data at your fingertips.


Increase Productivity

The tools you need to help build high-performance teams. Create smart schedules with one click, keep a pulse on KPIs and easily manage time and attendance.

Trusted by more than 30,000 retail professionals across North America

“Shiftlab makes putting the right people on at the right time an incredibly insightful, yet simple process. The program has helped our business tighten up labour costs, improve scheduling behaviours and given us a positive ROI. The support from the Shiftlab team has been best in class since day one and they are willing to work with us to develop the program even further, to meet our business needs. I would highly recommend the Shiftlab platform to support your team scheduling”.

“Shiftlab is the first scheduling and time clock provider that combines a robust platform, rapid development and deployment of product improvements, with tangible, measurable, hard-dollar ROI. For a multi-location retail organization, their ability to automate and streamline timecard management is invaluable."

“Prior to Shiftlab, we were living in spreadsheets to create schedules. Moving to Shiftlab's automated scheduling platform has been a game changer for our company. With the task of manual scheduling off their plates, Shiftlab has given our managers more time to coach their teams and think critically about the business."

“Before Shiftlab, our managers were all using different scheduling strategies, none of which adequately reflected our company labor strategies or budgets. Shiftlab brings strategy and scheduling together, enabling our leaders to automatically create sales-optimized and compliant schedules. Their AI-powered labor forecasting is a game-changer for us in building dynamic budgets that react to the reality of the business. The Shiftlab team's support during implementation and post-deployment has been superior to all of the competitors we have worked with previously. Their ability to take feedback and react quickly has given us a custom product that easily adjusts to our needs. As we continue to grow, scaling is much more possible with scheduling automation and a partner like Shiftlab. "

Flexible Retail Platform

Shiftlab seamlessly integrates your POS, Traffic, and Time Clock data into a single system.

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