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A Performance-Based Approach

In retail, sales and customer service skills are crucial to success. Shiftlab identifies your top performers and places them in the busiest shifts to maximize sales and enhance the customer experience. Powerful, time-tested algorithms and data parameters provide scheduling recommendations that ensure cost-effective shift coverage, while aligning your top performers to achieve performance targets.

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We Understand Retail

We have deep roots in retail. Shiftlab co-founder and CEO spent 9 years working in retail from a sales associate to a VP of Sales Operations.

He experienced the pain of scheduling firsthand and created Shiftlab. Our entire team has an extensive background in retail and will empower you with the latest best practices proven to help other retailers grow.

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We Are Passionate About Data

And that is an understatement! Shiftlab provides powerful reporting, metrics, and analytics so you can continually track what worked and what didn’t. Our dashboards provide full transparency to your labor strategies in action while identifying opportunities for improvement down to the store and individual employee level.

We’re continually innovating on the metrics front, delivering new reports and dashboards on a regular basis and scheduling recommendations that ensure cost-effective shift coverage, while aligning your top performers to achieve performance targets.

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We’re Obsessed with Creating Great Experiences

We work tirelessly to build tools that your entire team will actually want to use. We listen to your feedback to fuel our product roadmap and build solutions that work for you. We’ll partner with you every step of the way to help you launch with confidence, on your timelines. You’ll have a dedicated Launch & Account Manager to ensure your continued success with Shiftlab.

6,000+ locations and 30,000+ retail leaders and employees in North America are scheduling smarter with Shiftlab.

"We’re a fast-growing organization and labor is a key area of focus for us. Shiftlab’s vision is directly aligned with ours when it comes to workforce management. From automating schedules to helping us regulate California labor laws, Shiftlab is now our go-to system for optimizing our workforce.”

"Our decision to partner with Shiftlab was a no-brainer as a fast growing business. One of the biggest challenges we faced was keeping up with the front line labor force and their ever changing needs. Shiftlab has been a critical tool to our success since adopting the program early this year"

"Shiftlab makes us think differently about scheduling"

Flexible Retail Platform

Shiftlab seamlessly integrates your POS, Traffic, and Time Clock data into a single system.

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Discover why 5,000+ retail locations and 25,000+ users rely on Shiftlab for smarter scheduling.

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