ROI Calculator for Employee Scheduling Software

How much could your retail organization save with strategic scheduling and smart timekeeping?

Migrating from your existing tools to a dedicated employee scheduling and timekeeping platform can be daunting, and leave your team with questions about whether it’s worth it.

That’s why you should understand the return on investment (ROI) you’ll get with a strategic scheduling solution like Shiftlab. Our employee scheduling software ROI Calculator below is designed to help you estimate the savings and performance boost you’ll receive by moving to our platform.

Just enter your basic store, employee, and profit info in the green boxes below, and we’ll calculate the rest.

How much money are you leaving on the table?

Boost sales and lower costs with strategic scheduling and smart timekeeping

Did you know that:

  • 10% of retail stores open late every day
  • Average time to resolve late store openings is 30 minutes
  • 15-20% of employees clock in early
  • 5-10% of employees auto-clock out
  • 5-10% of employees have inaccurate punches

All of this adds up to reduced ROI through lost revenue, inaccurate labor trends, a subpar customer experience, and managers having to waste hours on timekeeping.

Scheduling Software ROI

Here's how Shiftlab helps solve these problems:

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Scheduling automation

Shiftlab’s Schedule Automation ensures your schedule is optimized to maximize sales while accounting for employee needs including availability and time off requests.

By combining real-time Point of Sale and Time & Attendance data, Shiftlab schedules your reps at ideal times that maximize your ROI.

  • Reduce schedule-related admin to minutes instead of hours
  • Decrease downtime by 6%
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Performance-based schedules

Place the right people in the right shift.

Shiftlab connects with your POS to identify your top performers and places them in prime shifts.

Our performance-driven algorithms enable strategic schedules that optimize labor spend and increase sales.

  • Increase profitability per employee by 6%
  • Increase guest satisfaction scores by 13%
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AI-driven forecasting

Predict labor demand down to the hour.

Shiftlab’s AI-driven forecasting engine uses historic sales data, recent trends and event effects to accurately predict the labor demand for each location down to the hour.

  • Achieve Schedule Accuracy of >98%
  • Increase sales, average transaction value and NPS scores through smarter schedules
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Reporting and analytics

Grow your business through actionable insights.

Our Leadership Dashboard shares critical labor data, key decision criteria, and performance indicators, that allow leaders and managers to assess the effectiveness of scheduling decisions.

Historical views track what worked and what didn’t, bringing transparency to labor strategies.

Get automatic alerts for OT, breaks and compliance to save your business money.

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Mobile app

Keep your team in sync.

Retail employees can use our mobile app to see when and where they work, who they are working with and to request time off. Managers can use the app to make shift changes on the go.

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Labor compliance

Have peace of mind when it comes to compliance. 

Avoid costly compliance fees with built-in tools like overtime alerts, custom break management and break attestation forms.

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Labor budgeting

Hit your labor targets every week.

Our auto-budgeting feature enables you to align and unify your sales forecasts, labor plans, and budgets. Use the budgeting tool to determine long-term staffing requirements to help with recruitment planning.

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