Introducing Store Pulse

Empowering Retail Field Teams with access to Real-Time Performance Data

Managing retail stores is a huge responsibility. Between changing customer demands, meeting employee needs, staying within budget and hitting performance goals set by corporate, there is a lot to stay on top of. 

Having access to real-time performance data can make all the difference. Whether it’s monitoring stores opening on time, overtime trends, shift compliance or more – we make it easy for retail managers to track key performance indicators and make faster, smarter decisions with Store Pulse.

With real-time data at their fingertips, retail managers can take control of operational issues before they become bigger problems and have constructive conversations with their team.


Store Pulse empowers retail field teams to be proactive on key trends, like:

Late Store Openings

According to our data, 10% of retail stores open late every day and the average time to resolve is more than 30 minutes. This creates a negative guest experience and results in lost revenue.

With Store Pulse, District Managers can start their day by grabbing a coffee and checking Pulse to watch as their stores come online. They can quickly identify if a store is late to open or is at risk of opening late. From there, they can then see who is on the schedule and quickly resolve.

Staying Compliant

Mid-day, managers can access Store Pulse to ensure team members have taken their scheduled breaks. Missed breaks will be highlighted so that managers can quickly identify and communicate with the corresponding employee.

Managing Overtime

At the end of the day, managers can check in with Store Pulse to see if anyone on the team is trending for overtime and make any necessary adjustments to the schedule or budget so there are no surprises come payroll.

By leveraging real-time performance data throughout the day, managers can make smarter decisions that will ultimately lead to higher performance and happier teams. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about Store Pulse or to see a demo!

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